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Deep Freeze Review:

 Are you finding your system state changing every time you reboot on your computer? Do you want your computer to maintain a secure system state and not allow any changes to the computer? Deep Freeze is the software that will allow you to form a certain system state for your Windows PC to make your computer restore back to the same state every time. 

 What Is Deep Freeze?

 Deep freeze is a very good application that will protect your workstation by creating a solid photograph of your desired settings and configurations of your computer workstation. If there are any unwanted changes that happen to your computer when you restart or reboot it, the Deep Freeze application will return your system to the same old frozen workstation state. This software will help you to get over the frequent reimaging of your computer. This application works well on a single Windows computer or even on a server. You can make your computer imperishable by using the Deep Freeze software. 

 Key Features
 - All malicious changes to your system settings will be cleared by the application and you can enjoy zero day threats. 
 - The phishing threats are all reversed by the software and you will not have to face any malicious changes you see on your computer when you reboot the system. 
 - All software that is installed on your computer without your permission will be removed from the system effectively. 
 - Your organization will not need to make use of IT staff to correct rebooting errors and system changes and hence your business productivity will improve. 
 - The software will help in getting rid of your system degradation problems and hence the life of your system will increase. You will not face any slowing down of your system when working on it. 
 - Your computer will not stray from its set configurations and rebooting your system will restore your computer to your desires system state, even if it has been changed. 

 - The performance of your computer will not be slowed down even after a couple of years of use. 
 - The life of your system will be increased. 
 - Unauthorized and unlicensed software will be removed with a single reboot. 

 Deep Freeze is a software that will give a steadier state to your system with a single reboot and have the system the way you want, even if it has been used by others.

Changes on the new version:
- Resolved an issue where the Deep Freeze Service crashed randomly.
- Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze causes blue screen when Thawed on Windows Embedded.

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